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Vampire a Go-Go by Victor Gischler

Title:  Vampire a Go-Go

Author: Victor Gischler

Call #: GIS

Narrated by a ghost who is supernaturally anchored to a medieval castle in Prague, this book is filled with strange plot twists and bizarre happenings that keep the reader guessing and reading. With the appearance of werewolves, witches, mad scientists and priests, this book turns out to be so much more than a vampire story. It is a refreshingly unique work for anyone tired of the “same old” horror novels. Darkly comic at times, this is a perfect read if you’re looking for something truly different.

Recommended by: John


The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

Title: The Leftovers

Author: Tom Perrotta                  

Call #: PER

Set in the suburbs of a world much like our own, only here it is 3 years after some sort of rapture like event where a significant percentage of the population disappeared into thin air. This is a thought provoking literary novel disguised as a genre departure.

Recommended by: Becky