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Deb’s Best of 2014

As the year comes to an end, the contributors to the Browser’s Corner would like to share some of the best books they read in 2014.  These titles were not necessarily published in 2104– only read this year.

First up, Deb from Reference:

Title: Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes

Call #:  MOYES

This is a novel of an ordinary young woman named Louisa who lives in England. She takes on a job of taking care of a young man who became a quadriplegic following an accident 2 years before. The two become good friends. He makes a decision that is very difficult for Louisa to accept. This book has great characters that you really love and it is a beautifully written story. Absolutely loved it!!

Title: The Forgotten

Author: David Baldacci


Excellent thriller about a wealthy Florida man named Peter Lampert. He is the head of a slave smuggling operation. He kidnaps people from poor countries and sells them to become slaves and prostitutes. But when army man, John Puller’s aunt suspiciously dies in this Florida town, he goes there to get answers. Non-stop action and the John Puller character is very much like the Jack Reacher character. Couldn’t put it down!


Deb’s Best of 2013

Calling Me Home by Julie KiblerTitle:  Calling Me Home

Author:  Julie Kibler

Call #:  KIBLER

Isabelle is an 89-year-old white woman who has to ask her hairdresser Dorie, a black single mom in her 30s, for a huge favor.  She wants Dorie to drive her from her home in Texas to a funeral in Ohio.  And she wants to leave the very next day with no clear explanation of the reason.  The book has flashbacks to the 1930s when Isabelle is a teenager.  This book is a beautiful story of friendship, love and family.  At times very funny and at times, very sad.  Reminiscent of The Help.  I couldn’t put it down!

12 Years a Slave by Mark SolomonTitle:  12 Years a Slave

Author:  Solomon Northup


While this is not a new book, it has been made into a movie, which sparked my interest.  I had never heard of this man before.  Solomon was born a free man in New York.  When he was 33 years old, he was set-up, kidnapped and sold into slavery in Louisiana.  He spent twelve years as a slave and his biography reveals how he survived his ordeal.  He describes every aspect of slavery:  their daily lives, diet, living conditions and how slave-catchers captured runaways.  This is a first person account and very eye-opening indeed.  How does he finally get returned to freedom and his wife and three kids?  Read the book to find out!

Brewster by Mark SloukaTitle:  Brewster

Author:  Mark Slouka

Call #:  SLOUKA

This is the story of three teenagers in 1968 in Brewster, New York.  Jon turns to running track to control his anger, and Ray is the rebel who is trying to care for his baby brother while keeping away from his abusive father.  They meet Karen, a beautiful, headstrong girl and begin to dream of breaking away from Brewster for good.  This is an unforgettable coming-of-age story and very well written.

Recommended by:  Deb

Favorites of 2012 – Deb

Today’s favorites of 2012 come from Reference staffer Deb!

Death at Seaworld by David KirbyTitle:  Death at Seaworld:  Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity

Author:  David Kirby

Call #:  599.536 KIR

This book follows the story of Naomi Rose, a marine biologist and animal advocate, and her battle with the multimillion dollar theme park.  It covers the controversial and even lethal ramifications of keeping killer whales in captivity.  If you are a lover of whales and hate seeing these magnificent animals in captivity, then you will love this book.  I learned SO many things about SeaWorld and even whales that I never knew before.  Definitely keeps your attention.

Wild by Cheryl StrayedTitle:  Wild:  From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Author:  Cheryl Strayed


In this book, Cheryl tells the story of her 1,100 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Horribly unprepared for this journey, she comes to rely on the kindness and assistance of people she meets on the trail.  This book has it all; it’s funny with a few sad parts.  It is a very enjoyable read.

Growing Up Amish by Ira WaglerTitle:  Growing Up Amish

Author:  Ira Wagler


This heartwarming memoir is a very enjoyable read.  Wagler paints a very vivid portrait of Amish life from his childhood days until his ultimate decision to leave the Amish for good at age 26.  It’s a true story of one man’s quest to discover who he is and where he belongs.  A great coming of age story set against the backdrop of one of the most enigmatic cultures in America – the Old Order Amish.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert BarryTitle:  Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Author:  Robert Barry

Call #:  JP BAR

One of my favorite Christmas books of all time.  I read this book again and again to my now grown daughter and will continue by reading it to my grandson.  It’s a lovely story of how one Christmas tree turns into many and makes so many different characters very, very happy.  If you have never read this children’s book, you definitely should.  It will surely make you smile and be grateful for all you have.

Recommended by:  Deb



Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Wild by Cheryl StrayedTitle:  Wild:  From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Author:  Cheryl Strayed


A young 26-year old Cheryl decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail to try and heal herself from her mother’s death and a divorce.  She had no experience as a long-distance hiker so didn’t really realize what she would encounter. The result is a warm, sometimes very funny adventure in which she meets some very eclectic characters. Extremely well-written and informative.  Her journey takes place for 3 months over 1,100 miles of trail. It makes you wonder if you’d be capable of enduring it. Reads like a very enjoyable fiction book! Highly recommended.

Recommended by:  Deb