Funny Romance

Who says Romance has to be serious?  Love and laughter can be a great combination.

Cutting Loose by Susan AndersenAndersen, Susan. Cutting Loose

When the heiress of a house she has just inherited hires a contractor to restore it, she finds that the he manages to irritate her completely. But her irritation soon has a new element to it – lust.

Feet First by Leanne BanksBanks, Leanne. Feet First

There is an instant attraction between a shoe designer and the Vice President of the company who makes it clear she is not wife material. Will having one hot affair in life be enough for her?

Educating Caroline by Patricia CabotCabot, Patricia. Educating Caroline

After a Victorian lady discovers her fiancé in the arms of another woman, she seeks lessons in the art of romance from the best teacher: London’s most notorious rake.

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel GibsonGibson, Rachel. True Love and Other Disasters

A young widow who knows nothing about hockey inherits a professional team from her husband and is resented by members of the organization especially the captain. He reluctantly is attracted to her and discovers that there is more to her than sex appeal.

Dixie Belle's Guide to LoveJones, Luanne. The Dixie Belle’s Guide to Love

A former beauty queen sets out to forget her two-timing ex-husband by refurbishing the local rib place, but her plans are complicated when her girlfriends hire the sexiest man in Hellion, Tennessee, to help her.

Last Chance Saloon by Marian KeyesKeyes, Marian. Last Chance Saloon

A mutual friend helps two single thirty-somethings jumpstart their lives, encouraging one to abandon her lowlife boyfriend and the other to step out of her too orderly life.

When I Fall in Love by Lynn KurlandKurland, Lynn. When I Fall in Love

A Manhattan concert violinist is convinced there are no more knights in shining armor-at least not in Manhattan. Little does she know that a hero of legendary chivalry awaits her…800 years in the past.

Smart Girls Think Twice by Cathie LinzLinz, Cathie. Smart Girls Think Twice

A sociologist’s new research project depends on a sexy bartender who wants nothing to do with her endeavor—and certainly nothing to do with her. It’s good that she’s way too smart to ever take no for an answer.

Charming the Prince by Teresa MedeirosMedeiros, Teresa. Charming the Prince

A widower with ten children asks his friend to find him a homely wife to take care of them – homely so he won’t be tempted to have any more children. Instead, what he is brought is a lady who is beautiful, and tough enough to deal with any number of kids….and him.

Instant Temptation by Jill ShalvisShalvis, Jill. Instant Temptation

A longtime attraction between a wilderness guide and a wildlife biologist threatens to sidetrack a trek to study the status of rare coyotes. The wilderness has its charms, but will the romance work when they get back to civilization?

Dating Big Bird by Laura ZigmanZigman, Laura. Dating Big Bird

A single, Manhattan career woman can feel her biological clock ticking away. All the men in her life have been fatherhood and commitment challenged. Does she really need a man to complete her, or should she embark on the unknown road of single parenthood?


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