Urban Fiction

Also know as Street Lit or Hip Hop Fiction, these books feature  contemporary urban settings and characters who deal with issues of race, poverty, gangs, drugs and prostitution.


Clark, Wahida.  Call # CLA

Wahida Clark, who began writing while incarcerated, produces realistic, gritty street novels.

Dickey, Eric Jerome.  Call # DIC

A prolific author, Dickey has written several books about African-American contemporary life, as well as a series of crime novels.

King, Deja.  Call # KIN

A relatively new voice in urban fiction, Deja King writes a series of hip and sexy street novels.

K’wan.  Call # KWA

From a troubled childhood, K’wan has emerged as a strong voice in street literature.  His page-turning novels keep readers coming back for more.

Noire.  Call # NOI

Noire resides in New York, where she writes popular urban erotic fiction with a hip-hop style.

Stringer, Vickie.  Call # STR

A pioneer in street fiction, Stringer started her own publishing business, Triple Crown Publications.

Turner, Nikki.  Call # TUR

Nikki Turner writes “urban fairy tales” that remain realistic and don’t glamorize street life.

Weber, Carl.  Call # WEB

Weber is a prolific author of contemporary African-American fiction.  He also owns a publishing company and a chain of bookstores.

Woods, Teri.  Call # WOO

A trailblazer of gritty street fiction, Woods began her career by selling handmade books out of the trunk of her car.

Zane. Call # ZAN

Although she never planned to be a writer, Zane has become one of the most popular authors of erotic urban fiction.


Kings of Vice by Ice-TIce-T.  Kings of Vice

Marcus “Crush” Casey used to be the leader of one of the most powerful crime syndicates in New York but after twenty years in prison, times have changed.  He is a changed man who wants to help rid his neighborhood of crime but he also wants revenge.


Platinum by Aliyah KingKing, Aliyah.  Platinum

Alex Maxwell writes about the music business for a major magazine and she is about to marry one of rap’s hottest up and comers.  Is she destined to end up like the rap wives she interviews?


In Love With a Younger Man by Cheryl RobinsonRobinson, Cheryl.  In Love With a Younger Man

Forty-three year old Oleana Day is ready for a major life change.  She didn’t expect that it would be falling in love with a man eighteen years her junior.

Cartier Cartel by Nisa SantiagoSantiago, Nisa.  Cartier Cartel

15-year-olds Cartier and her best friend Monya have decided to form their version of a gang.  The only point of the gang—to engage in petty theft to ensure that they are always dressed in the flyest gear.  But before long, they are in over their heads.

Larger Than Lyfe by Cynthia DianeThorntonThornton, Cynthia Diane.  Larger Than Lyfe

As the owner of a multi-million dollar recording label, Keshari Mitchell is one of the most powerful women in the music industry.  But she is also second in command of one of the biggest organized crime rings on the West Coast.  Can she continue this double life?

Full FiguredFull Figured

Authors La Jill Hunt and Brenda Hampton present two novellas featuring the lives and loves of passionate, strong, big, beautiful women.

Honey Flava edited by ZaneHoney Flava

This collection of erotic short stories, edited by Zane, features a sexy cast of African-American and Asian men and women.



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