Historical Romance

Historical Romance is a delightful way to absorb some history while mooning over a wonderfully romantic story.  Romance never goes out of fashion, no matter where or when it takes place.

Champion by Elizabeth ChadwickChadwick, Elizabeth. The Champion

In 1193, Alexander de Montroi decides to join the European tournament circuit. He’s too busy to pay attention to Monday de Cerizay, his brother’s ward, until one night of passion has serious consequences for them both.

Course of Honor by Lindsey Davis

Davis, Lindsey. The Course of Honour

Set in ancient Rome, this is the story of the enduring love between Vespasian and Antonia Caenis, the woman who became his mistress, but whom he could never marry because of the social gulf between them.

Wedding Dress by Virginia Ellis

Ellis, Virginia. The Wedding Dress

Julia and Victoria, sisters widowed in the Civil War, decide to sew a wedding dress for their younger sister, Claire, in the hopes of finding her a husband when it’s finished. Though the war has claimed the lives of most eligible southern men, they are determined to be optimistic. The arrival of a stranger may give them reason to hope.

Night Train to Lisbon by Emily GraysonGrayson, Emily. Night Train to Lisbon

In 1936, Carson Weatherell, daughter of well-to-do Americans, goes on a European tour. On the train to Lisbon, she meets Alec Breve, a dashing graduate student, and they fall in love. Carson’s uncle informs her that Alec may be a German spy, which changes her attitude about him…at first.

Shadow of the Moon by M.M. KayeKaye, M. M. Shadow of the Moon

Against the backdrop of the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857 India, Winter de Ballesteros, of English-Spanish noble heritage, falls in love with the dashing Alex Randall, her husband’s aide.

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Mitchell, Margaret. Gone with the Wind

An epic story of the old south during the Civil War that features heroine Scarlett O’Hara, who can’t figure out what is best for her until it’s too late. Though debonair Rhett Butler is her soul mate, she only discovers this after years spent mooning over Ashley Wilkes, who does not return her affections.

Riding the Storm by Pamela OldfieldOldfield, Pamela. Riding the Storm

In the 1930s, gentle widow Kate Harper arrives at the country estate of Highstead to marry the master, crime writer Robert Dengual. But she soon finds that evil lurks behind his mansion’s calm façade.

Darkening Leaf by Caroline StricklandStickland, Caroline. The Darkening Leaf

In 1847, when lovers Philobeth and Frederick rescue a woman from a shipwreck, they don’t expect it will change their relationship for good; but the captivating young woman intrigues Frederick more day by day.


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