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Second Honeymoon by James Patterson

Second Honeymoon by James PattersonTitle:  Second Honeymoon

Author:  James Patterson


FBI Agent John O’Hara is trying to find and stop a serial killer whose victims are all newlyweds on their honeymoon. He is still trying to cope with the death of his own wife a couple of years ago, at the hands of a drunken driver who is about to be paroled. Special Agent Sarah Brubaker is working on a case which involves another serial killer whose victims all have the same name, John O’Hara. Their paths cross and they join forces to try and solve both cases before either killer claims more victims, including Agent O’Hara. This page-turning thriller is the long awaited sequel to Honeymoon.

Recommended by:  Sharon


Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders by Gyles Brandreth

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire MurdersTitle:  Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders

Author:  Gyles Brandreth

Call #:  M BRA

This charming murder mystery takes place in an extravagant party in Victorian England. Present at the event are members of the royal family who worry that the crime may scandalize the throne. To keep things low key, Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are enlisted to solve a crime of vampiric proportions. Told in diary entries and news clippings, the story’s style pays subtle homage to eighteenth century horror tales.

Recommended by:  John

Last Kiss by Luanne Rice

Last Kiss by Luanne RiceTitle:  Last Kiss

Author:  Luanne Rice

Call #:  RIC

A year after the death of her 18-year-old son Charlie, in a random New York mugging, Sheridan Rossiare has not touched music, her life’s passion.  While Sheridan is in the depths of her grief, Charlie’s girlfriend Nell is convinced   Charlie’s death was no random mugging.  This leisurely-paced book has enough drama to keep you interested.  

Recommended by:  Connie

The Last Child by John Hart

Last Child by John HartTitle:  The Last Child

Author:  John Hart

Call #:  HAR

The disappearance of 13-year-old Alyssa sends her twin brother Johnny on a desperate, terrifying search for her.  While his depressed and drugged mother spends her time locked in her room, Johnny fends for himself.  On his search, what Johnny finds sends shock waves through his community.  This intricately plotted story is a page turner.

Recommended by:  Connie

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

Bourne Identity by Robert LudlumTitle:  The Bourne Identity

Author:  Robert Ludlum

Call #:  LUD

This is the first book in one of the best spy series ever written. CIA operative Jason Bourne awakes after an attempt on his life only to find that he is stricken with amnesia and a fear that he will be killed. In putting together the pieces of his identity he uncovers a government conspiracy embedded in a secret CIA operation. Complex but never boring, this story moves as fast as its protagonist. Sharp and unrelenting, this book is a gem for any reader of spy thrillers.

Recommended by:  John

The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer

The Inner Circle by Brad MeltzerTitle:  The Inner Circle

Author:  Brad Meltzer

Call #:  MEL

There is a lot of baiting and hooking in this fast-moving plot. If you don’t mind plot twists and red herrings, this book will be for you. There is more than enough suspense and a very likable hero in this great page turner.

Recommended by:  MEL


Sleeping Beauty by Phillip Margolin

Sleeping Beauty by Phillip MargolinTitle:  Sleeping Beauty

Author:  Phillip Margolin

Call #:  MAR

An intruder assaults teenage Ashley Spencer and murders her father and her best friend in her home. When the killer stops for a snack in the kitchen, Ashley is given an unanticipated chance to escape. Looking for a fresh start, Ashley’s mother enrolls her in a new private boarding school, but it doesn’t take long before Ashley realizes that the killer has followed her there. The suspenseful twists in the plot make it difficult to put this page-turner down.  

Recommended by:  Sharon