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Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta

Stone Arabia by Dana SpiottaTitle:  Stone Arabia

Author:  Dana Spiotta

Call #:  SPI

National Book Award finalist Spiotta (for her novel Eat the Document) has a new book coming out July 12th.  Nik Worth is a musician in his twilight years who is chronicling his career in a multi-volume series.  The catch?  The news clippings, photographs and reviews are fake.  When his devoted sister realizes what is going on and Nik’s “chronicled” life begins to unravel, their relationship goes into crisis mode.  Publishers Weekly had this to say, “With her novel’s clever structure, jaundiced affection for Los Angeles, and diamond-honed prose, Spiotta delivers one of the most moving and original portraits of a sibling relationship in recent fiction.”  Reserve your copy today!

Recommended by:  Critics


Bliss, Remembered by Frank Deford

Title: Bliss Remembered

Author: Frank Deford

Call #: DEF

Historian Frank Deford’s latest novel is the story of Olympic swimmer Sydney Stringfellow who attends the 1936 Berlin Olympics where she falls in love with a handsome young German man named Horst.   Not surprisingly, the two are separated by their politics and it seems that perhaps they just weren’t meant to be together.  When Sydney returns to the states, she marries Jimmy just before he is to be shipped out to WWII.  But then Horst shows up on Sydney’s doorstep!  A love story told by an historian may seem unlikely but Deford’s grasp of history (especially during such a tumultuous period) only enhances the story.  As Publishers Weekly wrote, Deford “has a superb sense of character and period, and readers will at once feel drawn into the turbulent times.”  Check out this interview with Deford from NPR.  It also includes an excerpt.

Recommended by: Critics

The Cold Kiss by John Rector

Cold Kiss by John RectorTitle: The Cold Kiss

Author: John Rector

Call #: REC

When the phrases “Dean Koontz fans will find much to like” and “straight out of Hitchcock” appear in a review for a debut novel due in July (technically this is not Rector’s first novel, he self-published his first book, The Grove, on Kindle) it is near impossible to ignore.

Sara and Nate feel their luck might be taking a turn when a stranger offers them $500 just to give him a lift to Omaha.  But a short way into their trip, they find their passenger has died and that he was carrying $2 million dollars on him.  Sara and Nate make the fateful decision to hide the body and take the money, which we all know leads to happily ever after.  Hah, of course things take a turn for the worst and ultimately lead to violence.   Time to get your suspense on people!

Check out this short article and interview with James Rector at thrillerwriters.org.  He also has a blog.

Recommended by: Critics

The Sandbox by David Zimmerman

Sandbox by David ZimmermanTitle: The Sandbox

Author: David Zimmerman

Call #: ZIM

Novels about the current Iraq War have yet to be published in abundance.  While non-fiction almost immediately tackles the topic of current wars, it seems to take much longer for it to permeate literature.  But author David Zimmerman has decided to tackle the Iraq War in his debut novel, The Sandbox.  The starred review in Publisher’s Weekly had this to say, “Zimmerman’s remarkable debut succeeds both as a realistic portrayal of the current Iraq War from the American perspective and as an energetic thriller.”  Marine veteran and author of Bagdad Express:  A Gulf War Memoir also gave it a good review in The New York Times.  You can read it here.

The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer

Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter PalmerDexter Palmer’s debut, The Dream of Perpetual Motion, not only has a wonderful cover (and who doesn’t appreciate a good cover – don’t kid yourselves, we all judge books by their covers) but also sounds wildly inventive and entertaining.   Harold Winslow, a greeting card writer, is in the midst of penning his memoir while he is imprisoned for life in a zeppelin that flies high above a fantastical city.  Part science fiction, part memoir, part romance – a little something for everyone.  Publishers Weekly claims “[T]his book will immediately connect with fans of Neal Stephenson and Alfred Bester, and will surely win over readers who’d ordinarily pass on anything remotely sci-fi.”  See the full review here.

Publication Date: March 2010