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The Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty

Optimist's DaughterTitle:  The Optimist’s Daughter

Author:  Eudora Welty

Call #:  WELTY

This book, with great poignancy and sly humor, tells about a young woman who comes back to her Southern hometown to deal with her father’s death and the silly, uncaring woman he married.  Confronting the past and dealing with the present at the same time is never easy, but Eudora Welty is a master at presenting all aspects of humanity – comedy as well as tragedy.

Recommended by:  Betty


Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts

Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah CoontsTitle:  Wanna Get Lucky?

Author:  Deborah Coonts

Call #:  M COO

When casino employee Lyda Sue falls from a helicopter and lands in the pirate lagoon during the 8:30 p.m. show, Lucky O’Toole, head of customer relations at the Babylon casino in Las Vegas, is certain it was not a suicide. Although the police are involved, she starts her own investigation along with the owner of the Babylon, who is affectionately known as the “Big Boss”. A laugh-out-loud funny mystery with quirky characters and a good plot.

Recommended by:  Sharon

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie PhillipsTitle:  Gods Behaving Badly

Author:  Marie Phillips

Call #:  PHI

The Greek gods are living in a London townhouse, their conditions in squalor, their powers declining. The goddess of hunting is now a professional dog walker; the goddess of love and beauty a phone sex operator; the sun god who spoke through the oracle at Delphi is now a TV psychic…you get the picture. There seems to be no way out until two mortals come into their lives who must replicate the feats of mythical heroes to save themselves, the gods, and the world. Clever, witty, imaginative, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Recommended by:  Bobbie

The Truth by Terry Pratchett

The Truth by Terry PratchettTitle:  The Truth

Author:  Terry Pratchett

Call #:  FSY PRA

This hilarious fantasy novel is a satire on the role of the press. A rag-tag group of humans and dwarves start printing The Ankh-Morpork Times. Their pursuit of truth ends up uncovering a political conspiracy and puts them all in mortal danger. Along the way we meet a zombie lawyer, werewolf police, a vampire photographer, talking dogs, and a fine-art loving hit man. In true British humor style, the satire is thick and the jokes are dry, but you will be cheering for the newspaper, its publishers, and the truth for all 350+ pages.

Recommended by:  Becky

The Woman Who Wouldn’t by Gene Wilder

The Woman Who Wouldn't by Gene WilderTitle:  The Woman Who Wouldn’t

Author:  Gene Wilder

Call #:  WIL

The story of a seduction that doesn’t happen – a concert pianist who goes berserk during a performance and is sent to a spa in the Black Forest. There he meets a fascinating woman who he is determined to win over. Gene Wilder has an offbeat sense of humor, as well as a great way with an offbeat story.

Recommended by:  Betty

The Clothes They Stood Up In by Alan Bennett

Clothes They Stood Up In by Alan BennettTitle:  The Clothes They Stood Up In

Author:  Alan Bennett

Call #:  BEN

When the sedate Ransomes return from the opera to find their flat stripped absolutely bare – down to the toilet paper off the roll (a hard-to-find shade of forget-me-not blue) – they face a dilemma:  Who are they without the things they’ve spent a lifetime accumulating?  This is a quirky and offbeat, but very funny, book.

Recommended by:  Betty

Breathers by S.G. Browne

Breathers by S.G. BrowneTitle: Breathers

Author: S.G. Browne

Call #: BRO

After dying in a car accident that killed his wife, a zombie reanimates and tries to re-enter modern society. He joins a support group for zombies and is introduced to the zombie community in which a love affair soon develops. Things seem to be going great until one of the characters gets a serious craving for human flesh. This is a must read for any fan of the walking dead.

Recommended by: John