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The Virtues of War by Steven Pressfield

Title: The Virtures of War

Author: Steven Pressfield         

Call #:  PRE

This first-person memoir of Alexander the Great brings to the reader a highly-researched and historically accurate reckoning of the ancient past. Most enjoyable of all, is the impressive way in which the personal character and thinking of Alexander is presented. What kind of a person would think that he could conquer the world? What kind of a person would want to? Alexander was the best military thinker of his or any age. The charismatic arrogance and visionary brilliance of the man come across in wonderful battle scenes, colorful legends, and brutal facts of history. This is one of the best Alexander novels ever written.    

Recommended by: John


Dark Lord by Ed Greenwood

Title: Dark Lord

Author: Ed Greenwood

Call #  FSY / GRE

A writer and game developer is plagued by a series of dreams involving a dark fantasy world he has created for his work. Each night the dreams become more and more real. Finally, he awakes to find…they are! Pulled inside a dream world of castles and medieval imagery, he must fight to help a race of angel-like winged beings against the Dark Helms – black knights bent on destruction. He soon finds that his creative abilities have been elevated to the level of magic and that he is considered the most powerful of wizards: a Dark Lord!  

Recommended by: John

Vampire a Go-Go by Victor Gischler

Title:  Vampire a Go-Go

Author: Victor Gischler

Call #: GIS

Narrated by a ghost who is supernaturally anchored to a medieval castle in Prague, this book is filled with strange plot twists and bizarre happenings that keep the reader guessing and reading. With the appearance of werewolves, witches, mad scientists and priests, this book turns out to be so much more than a vampire story. It is a refreshingly unique work for anyone tired of the “same old” horror novels. Darkly comic at times, this is a perfect read if you’re looking for something truly different.

Recommended by: John

The Magus by John Fowles

Title:  The Magus

Author:  John Fowles   

Call #: FOW

A disillusioned young college graduate wanders upon the estate of a wealthy recluse on an island in Greece. He finds himself gradually drawn into the strange goings on taking place on the premises as well as the older man’s paradoxical views on life. The deep, often amazing revelations of the book set against the striking backdrop of the Greek islands make this book nothing less than a  wrote.

Recommended by: John

A Deadly Paradise by Grace Brophy

Title: A Deadly Paradise

Author: Grace Brophy

Call #:  M – BRO

In  the serene Italian village of Paradiso, the murder of an elderly bisexual swinger with a lesbian African love raises some eyebrows. Inspector Alessandro Cenni is called onto the case which soon leads to Venice. Blackmail and a scandalous murder fifty years earlier thicken the plot which becomes as intricate as Venice itself. This is by far the most entertaining of the Commissario Cenni mysteries.

Recommended by: John

Revamped by J.F. Lewis

Revamped by J.F. LewisTitle:  Revamped

Author:  J.F. Lewis

Call #:  LEW

Eric lost his strip club, his Mustang, and the love of his life Marilyn when he was left for dead.  With the help of his vampire friends, he is brought back to life and sets out to save Marilyn from Void City’s most powerful demons. But the task may be harder than he imagined when he is forced to delve into the shadowy realm of vampire high society to find out the truth and origin of his unnatural powers.

Recommended by:  John

John’s Best of 2013

Richard Stark's Parker:  The Score by Darwyn CookeTitle:  Richard Stark’s Parker:  The Score

Author:  Darwyn Cooke


In this graphic novel adaptation of the crime noir classic, criminal genius Parker is brought strikingly to life.  After assembling a hand-picked team of men from his underworld past, Parker decides to embark on his most arrogant plan yet – the robbery of an entire town!  With the police embroiled in an intricate distraction and the perfect hideout waiting minutes away, the reader will both laugh and marvel at such a story which manages to be something uncommon in crime literature: ridiculous AND intelligent.  I also greatly enjoyed the original Richard Stark/Donald Westlake version.  This is one of the most fun crime stories you’ll ever read.

Recommended by:  John