Suspense Fiction


Baldacci, David.  Call # BAL

Baldacci’s plots are fast-paced with a lot of twists and often feature government or corporate corruption, political deception or the Mafia. The stories involve sympathetic characters who find themselves in some kind of immediate danger.

Deaver, Jeffery.  Call # DEA

Though he has several stand-alone thrillers, Deaver is best known for his Lincoln Rhyme series about a quadriplegic forensic investigator who teams up with policewoman Amelia Sachs who covers the crime scenes for him.

Kellerman, Jonathan.  Call # KEL

Kellerman’s series about Alex Delaware, a semi-retired psychologist, who serves as a criminal psychologist consultant for the LAPD, are complex and exciting stories that usually contain an unexpected ending.

Patterson, James.  Call # PAT

Patterson’s original series featuring Alex Cross is probably his best known, although he also writes the Women’s Murder Club series and numerous stand-alone novels. His thrillers are fast-paced, sometimes violent and are told from the perspective of both the killer and the police.

Pearson, Ridley.  Call # PEA

In his stand-alone titles and the Lou Boldt series, Pearson’s tightly weaved plots present interesting forensic details, crimes that are methodically investigated, and a lot of plot twists and chase scenes.

Sandford, John.  Call # SAN

The Prey series, set in Minnesota, are fast-paced, crime driven suspense stories involving Minneapolis police Lt. Lucas Davenport. Sanford is best known for his intricate plots and multi-faceted characters.

Woods, Stuart.  Call # WOO

Woods writes three different series – the Stone Barrington series, the Holly Barker series, and Lee family saga. His books are all page-turners complete with twists, betrayals, and a lot of action.


Killing Floor by Lee ChildChild, Lee.  The Killing Floor

Jack Reacher, a former military policeman, is in Margrave, Georgia searching for the grave of a long-dead black musician, when he finds himself accused of an execution style murder. But he discovers that the victim is his brother Joe, a U.S. Treasury official.  Reacher needs the help of Finley, the chief of detectives, and Roscoe, a female officer to find his brother’s killers and uncover a sinister conspiracy.

Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark

Clark, Mary Higgins.  Nighttime is My Time

A serial killer who calls himself “The Owl” is stalking his next victims at his 20th class reunion at Stonecroft Academy. Several popular girls, who shared the same lunch table while attending school, have already met with mysterious and untimely deaths. Only Jean and Laura are left of the group and Jean has been receiving threatening letters. “The Owl” is obviously one of the classmates at the reunion; his identity must be discovered before Jean becomes his next target.

The Woods by Harlan CobenCoben, Harlan.  The Woods

Paul Copeland, county prosecutor for Essex County, New Jersey, was a counselor twenty years ago at a summer camp where four teens were murdered, including his sister. Only two bodies were ever found in the woods, so when a recent murder victim turns out to be one of the campers believed to be dead, Paul wants to investigate what really happened that night in the woods and if his sister has also been alive all these years.

Entombed by Linda FairsteinFairstein, Linda.  Entombed

Alexandra Cooper, head of Manhattan’s Sex Crimes Prosecution unit, is trying to find a link between the Silk Stocking rapist, who has been terrorizing women and finally killed one of them, and a woman’s body that was discovered entombed in the wall of a nineteenth-century brownstone formerly owned by Edgar Allan Poe. Alex begins examining Poe’s life and a secretive group called the Raven Society in an attempt to uncover the modern day killer.

Face of Deception by Iris JohansenJohansen, Iris.  The Face of Deception

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is commissioned by billionaire John Logan to reconstruct the face of an adult murder victim. Since the disappearance of her own daughter, she only does reconstructions on child victims to help their parents find closure. Once persuaded by Logan, he takes her to a specially outfitted lab in a rural area of Virginia and she realizes that the identity of the reconstructed skull has put her life in danger.

The Book of Fate by Brad MeltzerMeltzer, Brad.  The Book of Fate

Presidential aide Wes Holloway is left disfigured by bullet that hits him in the face and Deputy Chief of Staff Ron Boyle is killed during an assassination attempt on President Manning. Eight years after the attempt, Wes is still working for the now former president. While accompanying Manning on a speaking tour in Malaysia, Wes spots Boyle waiting in Manning’s private dressing room and he is very much alive.

Judge and Jury by James Patterson

Patterson, James and Andrew Gross.  Judge and Jury

When FBI agent Nick Pellisante finally arrests mob boss Dominic “The Electrician” Cavello, he hopes for a quick trial and conviction. Cavello hires international killer Richard Nordeshenko, so he can be sure that the jury will never be given the chance to reach a final verdict.

Look Again by Lisa ScottolineScottoline, Lisa.  Look Again

Reporter and single mother Ellen Gleeson receives a “Have You Seen This Child” flyer in the mail and is shocked that the child in the picture has a startling resemblance to her 3 year old adopted son. Though she tries to ignore the similarities, her investigative instincts kick in and she must know if her son is the boy who has been missing since infancy.


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