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The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

Title: The Leftovers

Author: Tom Perrotta                  

Call #: PER

Set in the suburbs of a world much like our own, only here it is 3 years after some sort of rapture like event where a significant percentage of the population disappeared into thin air. This is a thought provoking literary novel disguised as a genre departure.

Recommended by: Becky


Minority Report by Philip K. Dick

Title: Minority Report

Author: Philip K. Dick                   

Call #:  SF/ DIC

In a future America, the Police Commissioner John Anderton creates a “precrime” system which utilizes precogs (people who can see the future) to arrest people before they commit a crime.  All is going well until a precog identifies Anderton himself as the next criminal and he must find a way to save himself.  Despite the science fiction backdrop, this novel reads more like a typical fast-paced, suspense story.

Recommended by: Becky