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Ines of my Soul by Isabel Allende

Title: Ines of My Soul

Author: Isabel Allende


This historically accurate novel fictionalizes the story of the Spanish conquerors of Chile in the 1500s. Ines Suarez narrates the book in her old age looking back on her life that began as a seamstress in Spain, but wound up with her becoming the first Gobernadora of Chile. Ines relates the trials and jubilation, the hard times and the wonderful moments of establishing Santiago, Chile. Most of the novel is taken up with the story of Ines and her lover, Pedro Valdivia, the war hero, and their bloody struggles with the indigenous people of Chile. This is the story of Ines’ life, a chronicle of the founding of Chile, a comment on the price of “discovering” the New World, and a tale of the power of love.

Recommended by: Becky


The Maid by Kimberly Cutter

Title: The Maid

Author: Kimberly Cutter                

Call #:  CUT

A novelization of the story of Joan of Arc, the illiterate French peasant who, guided by visions of saints, led an army and overthrew the English invaders – only to be betrayed, condemned as a heretic, and burned at the stake.

Recommended by: Bobbie

Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Title: Stay Close

Author: Harlan Coben

Call #:  M – COB

Megan is a former Atlantic City stripper, now an SUV driving suburban mom with a new name, Cassie.  Ray was a former respected photojournalist but now is just a drunk photographer.  Det. Broome can’t seem to forget a 17 year old cold case. These characters are brought together in this suspenseful missing person story by the troubling hidden secrets of their past.

Recommended by: Connie