If You Like Dan Brown…

Try these authors and titles.  These read-a-likes  are fast-paced and suspenseful, often involving conspiracies, the church and/or art.


Berry, Steve.  Call#:  BER

Berry’s international suspense thrillers are complex stories full of history, political drama and secrets.

Case, John.  Call#:  CAS

Case’s fast-paced thrillers contain conspiracies involving both science and religion. His stories feature average people caught in dangerous situations in which they need to save themselves and others.

Crichton, Michael.  Call#:  CRI

These high-concept thrillers offer scientific facts blended with fiction and are filled with evil conspiracies, life-threatening situations and credible characters.

McGowan, Kathleen.  Call#:  MCG

McGowan’s series featuring journalist Maureen Pascal are clever and appealing stories filled with religious conspiracies, secret societies and church intrigue.

Pears, Iain, First.  Call#:  M PEA

In his Jonathan Argyll and Flavia DiStefano series, Pears’ mysteries, set in the Italian art world, are fast-paced, humorous and involve art thefts, forgeries, and murder.

Perez-Reverte, Arturo.  Call#:  PER

Perez-Reverte’s plots contain intricate, literary puzzles and are often enhanced by the use of chess, music, and art restoration.

Silva, Daniel.  Call#:  SIL

In his riveting stories of corruption and conspiracy, Silva often involves both the world of art and religion. His page-turning books are filled with detail and are a little dark in nature.


Rule of Four by Ian CaldwellCaldwell, Ian and Dustin Thomason.  The Rule of Four

Two Princeton students are working on deciphering riddles found in a Renaissance book called the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. A fellow student brings them a lost ancient diary  with hopes that it may hold the key to the mysteries contained in the book, including the location of hidden crypt of treasures. When that student is found murdered, they realize that they must break the final codes of the book to discover the identity of the killer.

Name of the Rose by Umberto EcoEco, Umberto.  The Name of the Rose

This clever mystery is complete with secret symbols and coded manuscripts, but also gives an excellent portrait of the medieval world of 1327. Brother William of Baskerville is sent to a wealthy abbey in Italy to investigate charges of heresy against the Franciscan monks, but instead must solve seven shocking murders that take place in seven days.

Assassini by Thomas GiffordGifford, Thomas.  The Assassini

This international thriller takes place at a time when the Catholic Church is about to elect a new Pope. Following the murder of his sister, a nun who was investigating the Church’s involvement in WWII, Ben Driskill, an ex-Jesuit, decides to probe into her death himself. His investigation into her murder uncovers information about eight other mysterious murders, a WWII photo that his sister had in her possession of one of the candidates for the papacy, and a secret order of assassins working for the Church.

Historian by Elizabeth KostovaKostova, Elizabeth.  The Historian

In1972 Amsterdam, a young American girl finds a mysterious ancient book and a collection of letters in her father’s library. While questioning her father about her find, he gives her small bits of information and then disappears. The unnamed girl narrator begins a search across continents for her father and the answers to her questions about the frightening story behind the book.

Eight by Katherine NevilleNeville, Katherine.  The Eight

Neville’s historical search for a mysterious chess set once owned by Charlemagne interweaves the present and the past. In the present, Catherine Velis is invited to help on a mission to recover the ancient chess set, while the story in the past involves a young novice who realizes that the chess set is kept in her abbey and it gives incredible power to anyone who plays it. The plot is full of twists, danger, chess riddles and puzzles from the ancient past.

Book of Q by Jonathan RabbRabb, Jonathan.  The Book of Q

Father Ian Pearse, an American priest living in Rome, is given an ancient scroll to translate that is linked to a centuries-old sect called the Manichaeans. Though the sect was thought to be extinct, it appears to still be active and has infiltrated the Vatican. Pearse endangers his own life and that of a kidnapped friend in order to keep the modern day Manichaeans from acquiring the scroll, which contains a document and map that would allow them to take over the Church.

Secret Supper by Javier SierraSierra, Javier.  The Secret Supper

Set in 1497 Milan, Pope Alexander VI sends Father Agostino Leyre to the Vatican to investigate Leonardo Da Vinci’s work on his painting of The Last Supper and discover the identity of an informant who is sending anonymous communication concerning blasphemous messages hidden in the artwork to the Vatican.  Leyre makes several discoveries about conspiracies within the Church and gives a new interpretation of the famous painting.

Prophetess by Barbara WoodWood, Barbara.  The Prophetess

In 1999, just before the Millennium, six scrolls are discovered in the Sinai Desert by archeologist Catherine Alexander. The scrolls contain a hidden history of the world and its religions and make reference to a seventh scroll that holds a powerful secret that could affect the entire world. With the assistance of Father Michael Garibaldi and Dr. Julius Voss, Catherine begins a search for the lost seventh scroll while evading government agents from the Vatican.


9 responses to “If You Like Dan Brown…

  1. You could also try Codex by Adrian Dawson…

  2. I really blog also and I’m posting a thing similar to this excellent blog
    post, “If You Like Dan Brown | Browser’s Corner”. Will you mind if perhaps Iutilize a few of your tips? Thanks a lot -Maxwell

  3. Great list. I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. THank you i have been looking for something like this for a long time.

  5. James Rollins – Map of Bones. Judas Strain. He writes a lot of historical fiction with science and history blended well.

  6. Great list and I love the synopsis of the various books. Thanks so much for compiling it. I’ll be heading to the library & the used book store this morning in search of these authors!

  7. Thanks so much! I look forward to reading all these books. I hope I find something as good as Dan Brown’s books!!! 😉

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