Book Lovers Club

On the last Tuesday of odd numbered months the Book Lovers Club meets at Olive or Twist ( 6906 Windsor Ave, Berwyn) at 7pm.  We don’t discuss one book, but lots of titles! Participants come each month to talk about what they have read and loved, then mingle and chat with other book lovers. This eclectic martini bar offers a refreshing backdrop to thoughtful literary conversations.

It’s social networking for book lovers, but the old fashioned way…in person.

Each month the Library compiles a list of the books mentioned and some notes on what was shared about each title.  Those notes are sent out to the members of Book Lovers Club and collected here for anyone to enjoy.


2 responses to “Book Lovers Club

  1. Is the Book Lovers Club still meeting? I’m new to Berwyn. Do I need to register?

  2. Hi Jane! Thank you for your interest in the Book Lover’s Club. We did have to cancel our July meeting but we did meet just last Tuesday and plan on going back to our regular meetings on the last Tuesday of every odd month. In November, we will meet on the 18th to avoid Thanksgiving week and yes, you should definitely register as there is limited seating.

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