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The Canary Sang But Couldn’t Fly by Edmund Elmaleh

Canary Sang but Couldn't Fly by Edmund ElmalehTitle:  The Canary Sang But Couldn’t Fly:  The Fatal Fall of Abe Reles, the Mobster Who Shattered Murder, Inc.’s Code of Silence

Author:  Edmund Elmaleh

Call #:  364.1092 ELM

This book tries to answer the proverbial question “Was he pushed or did he fall?” but the answer remains a mystery.  Abe Reles was a cold blooded mobster who killed at will but to avoid the electric chair he decided to cooperate with the authorities and became, as one district attorney put it, “the most effective informer in the annals of criminal justice.”  On the morning of November 12, 1941, while under police protection, Reles plunged to his death from the sixth floor window of the hotel he was being hidden in.  Though many theories exist as to what happened the truth remains a mystery to this day.  Elmaleh tells a fast moving, detailed story of American crime and a half- hearted pursuit of justice.  Sadly, the author passed away while the book was being prepared for publication.  It would have been interesting to see where else his writing would have led him.

Recommended by:  Mike