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Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Title: Love You More

Author: Lisa Gardner

Call #:  M – GAR

Boston MA. State Trooper Tessa Leoni, is found in her home beaten and bruised with the body of her abusive husband, Brian Darby, on the kitchen floor.  Detectives D.D. Warren and Bobby Dodge step in to investigate this, what seems to be an open and shut case. But where is Tessa’s six-year-old daughter, Sophie?  Although Tessa confesses to the murder of her husband, she has no idea where her daughter is.  Det. Warren and Dodge feel that her story just doesn’t add up. This is a clever ‘who did it’ story.

Recommended by: Connie


Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Title: Stay Close

Author: Harlan Coben

Call #:  M – COB

Megan is a former Atlantic City stripper, now an SUV driving suburban mom with a new name, Cassie.  Ray was a former respected photojournalist but now is just a drunk photographer.  Det. Broome can’t seem to forget a 17 year old cold case. These characters are brought together in this suspenseful missing person story by the troubling hidden secrets of their past.

Recommended by: Connie


Title: The Absent One

Author: Jussi Adler-Olsen


Carl Morck, a detective exiled to cold case Siberia, finds a twenty-year-old file on his desk. With the help of his mysterious assistant, he reopens the inquiry into the 1987 murder of a brother and sister. There is a confessed killer in jail who actually may be innocent, as well as evidence that implicates wealthy and powerful leaders of society.   

Recommended By:  Betty

The Killer’s Wife by Bill Floyd

Title:  The Killer’s Wife

Author:  Bill Floyd

Call #:  FLO

Six years after her ex-husband, Randy, was convicted of viciously killing twelve people across the country, Nina Mosley and her seven-year-old son Hayden, have a new life in Cary N. C.  Living with her new name, Leigh Wren, she thought the future was looking up until someone exposes her identity as the wife of a serial killer. The nightmare continues when a copycat killer picks up where Randy left off.                  

Recommended by: Connie

Second Honeymoon by James Patterson

Second Honeymoon by James PattersonTitle:  Second Honeymoon

Author:  James Patterson


FBI Agent John O’Hara is trying to find and stop a serial killer whose victims are all newlyweds on their honeymoon. He is still trying to cope with the death of his own wife a couple of years ago, at the hands of a drunken driver who is about to be paroled. Special Agent Sarah Brubaker is working on a case which involves another serial killer whose victims all have the same name, John O’Hara. Their paths cross and they join forces to try and solve both cases before either killer claims more victims, including Agent O’Hara. This page-turning thriller is the long awaited sequel to Honeymoon.

Recommended by:  Sharon

Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

Silence of the Lambs by Thomas HarrisTitle:  Silence of the Lambs

Author:  Thomas Harris

Call #:  HAR

A gruesome serial killer is preying upon unsuspecting female victims and removing their skin after their deaths for use in a bizarre ritual. A young FBI agent assigned to the case is desperate to catch the fiend before more bodies pile up. Determined to get inside the head of the killer, she enlists the help of Psychologist Hannibal Lecter who also happens to be a convicted cannibal! Read the book that inspired the award-winning film.

Recommended by:  John

The Good Son by Michael Gruber

Good Son by Michael GruberTitle:  The Good Son

Author:  Michael Gruber

Call #:  GRU

This complex thriller with a flawed protagonist will keep you reading even though you’re very, very tired. If you want a behind-the-scenes look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and if you’re at all interested in spying in the present day, this book is spot on.

Recommended by:  Betty