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Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Title: Love You More

Author: Lisa Gardner

Call #:  M – GAR

Boston MA. State Trooper Tessa Leoni, is found in her home beaten and bruised with the body of her abusive husband, Brian Darby, on the kitchen floor.  Detectives D.D. Warren and Bobby Dodge step in to investigate this, what seems to be an open and shut case. But where is Tessa’s six-year-old daughter, Sophie?  Although Tessa confesses to the murder of her husband, she has no idea where her daughter is.  Det. Warren and Dodge feel that her story just doesn’t add up. This is a clever ‘who did it’ story.

Recommended by: Connie


Death at the Fair by Frances McNamara

Title: Death at the Fair

Author: Frances McNamara

Call #:  M – MCN

A mystery set in 1893 Chicago during the World’s Columbian Exposition, with a cast of characters ranging from local thugs and corrupt politicians to Ida B. Wells – who can resist? Not this Chicago girl.

Recommended by: Bobbie

A False Mirror by Charles Todd

Title: A False Mirror

Author: Charles Todd                

Call #:  M – TOD

The tenth book in the Ian Rutledge series has the Scotland Yard detective deployed to a small harbor town to deal with the victim of a severe beating and a hostage situation. The complicated, fragile character of Ian Rutledge never fails to draw me into the story. He is a sort of “wounded healer” in his own way. If you like British mysteries with well developed characters and multiple plot twists, this is for you.

Recommended by: Betty

The Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry

Title: The Cater Street Hangman

Author:   Anne Perry

Call #:  M – PER

Charlotte, Emily, and Sarah Ellison are leading the typical lives of proper Victorian ladies until five young women, including the family housemaid, are brutally murdered on Cater Street near the Ellison home. Their father, Edward, and Sarah’s husband, Dominic, try to shelter them from any details of the crimes, but Inspector Thomas Pitt draws Charlotte into the investigation, along with all its gruesome details. A romance begins developing between Charlotte and the socially unsuitable Pitt, as the list of suspects begins to include Ellison family and friends. This is the first in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mysteries.

Recommended by: Sharon

A Deadly Paradise by Grace Brophy

Title: A Deadly Paradise

Author: Grace Brophy

Call #:  M – BRO

In  the serene Italian village of Paradiso, the murder of an elderly bisexual swinger with a lesbian African love raises some eyebrows. Inspector Alessandro Cenni is called onto the case which soon leads to Venice. Blackmail and a scandalous murder fifty years earlier thicken the plot which becomes as intricate as Venice itself. This is by far the most entertaining of the Commissario Cenni mysteries.

Recommended by: John

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders by Gyles Brandreth

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire MurdersTitle:  Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders

Author:  Gyles Brandreth

Call #:  M BRA

This charming murder mystery takes place in an extravagant party in Victorian England. Present at the event are members of the royal family who worry that the crime may scandalize the throne. To keep things low key, Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are enlisted to solve a crime of vampiric proportions. Told in diary entries and news clippings, the story’s style pays subtle homage to eighteenth century horror tales.

Recommended by:  John

Favorites of 2012- Betty

Continuing with Berwyn Library staffer’s favorites books read in 2012 – here’s Betty!

Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert GoolrickTitle:  Heading Out to Wonderful

Author:  Robert Goolrick

Call #:  GOO

In 1948, Charlie Beale found the place and the woman of his dreams.  Brownsburg, Virginia was a sleepy little valley town with friendly people.  Sylvan Glass was enigmatic, beautiful and married to the wealthiest man in town.  Charlie was enthralled by both the town and the woman, a situation leading to great happiness and great sadness, as well.  The town is as much a character in this work as the people are.  Goolrick paints word pictures that light up in your mind.  A book that stays with you.

Beautiful Mystery by Louise PennyTitle:  The Beautiful Mystery

Author:  Louise Penny


Louise Penny once again slips us sweetly into murder, this time in a remote monastery famed for its beautiful Gregorian chant.  The choirmaster, the man responsible for the music, has been bludgeoned in a walled garden which is only accessible through the abbot’s cell.  It seems like an inside job, but which of the monks could do this – or was it one of the monks?  This book sheds some light on what usually is an impenetrable place, a monastery.  How do the monks spend their days, what draws them to a monastery in the first place, and why do they stay?  while Penny’s conclusions are rather fanciful, she does open a door that remains closed to most of us.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth WeinTitle:  Code Name Verity

Author:  Elizabeth Wein

Call #:  YA WEI

This is a quote from a Booklist review: “If you pick up this book, it will be some time before you put your dog-eared, tear-stained copy back down.”  When the story begins, Julia is a unnamed prisoner, formerly a wireless operator for the British, held captive in France by a seemingly sadistic Nazi interrogator.  She agrees to tell what she knows while strapped to a chair, recovering from the latest round of gestapo torture.  The Nazis want the codes that Julia memorized as a wireless operator before crash-landing in France, and she supplies them, but along the way also tells of her fierce friendship with Maddie, a British pilot whose quiet bravery was every bit as impressive as Julia’s brash fearlessness.  The book is carefully researched and historically accurate.  I learned more about British fighter planes than I ever thought I’d know.  Did you know that one of the British fighter planes was called a Puss Moth?  A great read!

Recommended by:  Betty