Bobbie’s Picks 2014

As the year comes to an end, the contributors to the Browser’s Corner would like to share some of the best books they read in 2014.  These titles were not necessarily published in 2104– only read this year.

Next up, Bobbie from Collection Management:

Title: My Real Children 

Author: Jo Walton

Call #: WALTON

Patricia Cowan is in a nursing home, diagnosed with dementia, and is even more confused than the nurses think. Not only does she forget things – that’s to be expected – but she remembers things that don’t seem possible: marrying Mark and having four children, and not marrying Mark and raising three children with Bee; being an unhappy housewife who finally left her marriage when her kids were grown, and being a successful travel writer with homes in Britain and Italy; President Kennedy being killed in 1963, and President Kennedy declining to run again after a nuclear exchange that destroyed Miami and Kiev; and is there a research station on the moon, or a command post filled with nuclear missiles? A beautiful story of two lives lived by the same woman who seeks to know what is real as her health declines.

 Title: Leaving Time

Author: Jodi Picoult

Call #:  PICOULT

Jenna Metcalf has never stopped thinking about her mother Alice, who disappeared following a tragic accident at the elephant sanctuary she and her husband ran. For years Jenna has searched online and read through her mother’s journals, refusing to believe that she would have willingly left her, hoping to find a clue, and now she enlists two people to help: a psychic once famous for finding missing persons and the detective who originally investigated the accident. As the unlikely trio work together to find out what happened to Alice, they find themselves having to face their own inner selves as well.  Fabulous!

Title: Gemini

Author: Carol Cassella


An unidentified woman is transferred to the intensive care unit of Seattle’s Beacon Hospital following a hit-and-run accident on the Olympic Peninsula that left her injured, unconscious, and unable to breathe on her own, and Dr. Charlotte Reese finds herself making increasingly complicated medical decisions that will tie her forever to her Jane Doe’s fate. And that’s just the beginning of a thoroughly engrossing read.

Title: The House at the End of Hope Street

Author:  Menna van Praag

Call #: PRAAG

After suffering one of the worst events in her young life, PhD student Alba Ashby finds herself mysteriously at the door of a house on Hope Street, where she is welcomed by a beautiful elderly woman named Peggy, who invites her to stay on the house’s usual condition that she will have 99 days to piece herself back together and turn her life around. Thus begins one of the most magical, enchanting stories I have ever read.

 Title: Ten Things I’ve Learned About Love

Author: Sarah Butler

Call #: BUTLER

“If you stand still in a place, for long enough, it will show itself to you. It takes time, but you find the patterns, and once you find them you can start to feel at home.” So says Daniel, a homeless man who makes sculptures out of objects he finds while walking through London. His health is failing, and the only thing keeping him alive is his knowledge that he has a daughter somewhere in the world whom he continuously seeks to find. Alice is the black sheep of her family – running away again, this time to Mongolia, where she hears the news that her father is dying and arrives home with barely enough time to say goodbye. Then she meets Daniel, and the unlikely relationship they develop draws her to remain rooted as she begins to see the people and places in her life in surprising new ways.


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