Deb’s Best of 2013

Calling Me Home by Julie KiblerTitle:  Calling Me Home

Author:  Julie Kibler

Call #:  KIBLER

Isabelle is an 89-year-old white woman who has to ask her hairdresser Dorie, a black single mom in her 30s, for a huge favor.  She wants Dorie to drive her from her home in Texas to a funeral in Ohio.  And she wants to leave the very next day with no clear explanation of the reason.  The book has flashbacks to the 1930s when Isabelle is a teenager.  This book is a beautiful story of friendship, love and family.  At times very funny and at times, very sad.  Reminiscent of The Help.  I couldn’t put it down!

12 Years a Slave by Mark SolomonTitle:  12 Years a Slave

Author:  Solomon Northup


While this is not a new book, it has been made into a movie, which sparked my interest.  I had never heard of this man before.  Solomon was born a free man in New York.  When he was 33 years old, he was set-up, kidnapped and sold into slavery in Louisiana.  He spent twelve years as a slave and his biography reveals how he survived his ordeal.  He describes every aspect of slavery:  their daily lives, diet, living conditions and how slave-catchers captured runaways.  This is a first person account and very eye-opening indeed.  How does he finally get returned to freedom and his wife and three kids?  Read the book to find out!

Brewster by Mark SloukaTitle:  Brewster

Author:  Mark Slouka

Call #:  SLOUKA

This is the story of three teenagers in 1968 in Brewster, New York.  Jon turns to running track to control his anger, and Ray is the rebel who is trying to care for his baby brother while keeping away from his abusive father.  They meet Karen, a beautiful, headstrong girl and begin to dream of breaking away from Brewster for good.  This is an unforgettable coming-of-age story and very well written.

Recommended by:  Deb

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