Bobbie’s Best of 2013

Lake People by Abi MaxwellTitle:  Lake People

Author:  Abi Maxwell

Call #:  MAXWELL

“…I wonder just how many people know my story, and how it is possible that in all these years, no one has ever thought to tell it to me.”  Alice Thompson, abandoned as a baby and adopted by a young childless couple, was raised with no knowledge of the women who came before her or the lake that they called home, yet she feels called to that lake even as she longs to know who she really is.  Haunting and beautiful, deeply moving.

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale by Lynda RutledgeTitle:  Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale

Author:  Lynda Rutledge


On the last day of the millennium, Faith Bass Darling, the rich and reclusive heir to her Texas town’s founder and fortune, suddenly starts emptying her mansion and selling off her priceless heirlooms for a pittance.  The local antique dealer can’t believe her luck – until her conscience starts getting in the way of her making a killing.  The deputy sheriff is called in but legally cannot stop her.  Her estranged daughter is summoned home but after running away from Faith so many years before, is not sure she can even face her.  And the one person Faith actually calls for help, the town’s Episcopal priest, is having his own crisis of faith.  But before the day is over each one will have examined their own role in the Bass family saga and pondered some of life’s timeless questions as well.  Fabulous!

Broken Like This by Monica TrasandesTitle:  Broken Like This

Author:  Monica Trasandes


Following a car accident in Ibiza, Spain, Kate Harrington lies comatose in a hospital.  The two people who love her most in the world, whose lives have been changed forever simply by knowing her, immediately fly to her side – but so does her stepfather, who has been a dark presence in their lives for years.  So begins a bittersweet story of love and suspense that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go.

Cleaner of Chartres by Salley VickersTitle:  The Cleaner of Chartres

Author:  Salley Vickers

Call #:  VICKERS

Twenty years ago a woman was found sleeping in the ancient cathedral in Chartres by the Abbe Paul, who later asked if she might help to clean the cathedral.  There, amongst the stained glass windows and labyrinth’s path, she finds an inner peace she has never known.  Then one day someone from her past arrives, causing ugly gossip and rumors, and the mysterious woman must confront her past, allowing the reader to learn of the tragic path that first brought her to Chartres.

Amy Falls Down by Jincey WillettTitle:  Amy Falls Down

Author:  Jincy Willett

Call #:  WILLETT

Amy Gallup is an aging, somewhat reclusive novelist and writing instructor whose books are out of print and who teaches her courses online, allowing her little contact with other people – just the way she likes it.  One morning she shuffles out to her backyard garden to plant a Norfolk pine and is completely unprepared for what happens next:  she falls down, a simple accident that sets off a series of events for which she totally unprepared.

Recommended by:  Bobbie


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