Betty’s Best of 2013

Bellman and Black by Diane SetterfieldTitle:  Bellman & Black:  A Ghost Story

Author:  Diane Setterfield


A thoughtless act, committed as a nine-year-old, influences a man’s whole life.  The “ghost story” part of this story isn’t particularly scary; it’s more of a cautionary tale.  Actions (past, present, intentional, unintentional) do come with a price.

Art Forger by Barbara ShapiroTitle:  The Art Forger

Author:  Barbara Shapiro

Call #:  SHAPIRO

This book actually educated me about the techniques used by old masters.  It is also about ambition and what a person will do to fulfill it.  I finished this in two days because I had to know the outcome of the mystery at the heart of this story.

Ocean at the End of the Lane by neil GaimanTitle:  The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Author:  Neil Gaiman


An amazing allegory for childhood (monsters and all).  A middle-aged man visits his childhood home and his unremembered past comes flooding in.  Our childhood experience has more power over us than we realize.

Recommended by:  Betty


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