Death in the City of Light by David King

Death in the City of LightTitle:  Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi Occupied Paris

Author:  David King

Call #:  364.1523 KIN

In Paris 1944, Marcel Petiot was a kindly physician who often refused to charge patients and was referred to as “The People’s Doctor”.  He also professed to be aiding the French Resistance in their fight against the Nazi occupation by offering people safe passage out of the country.  He was also a serial killer.  Eventually, he was charged with 27 murders, but authorities believed the total could be as high as 150.  The mystery of Petiot’s actions and motivations began the day numerous bodies were found buried in a lime pit on his property.  Confusion reigned as Petiot was supported by some as having done away with Nazi sympathizers while others argued he was pretending to provide help to those desperate to leave France simply to lure them to their deaths to steal their property.  In this well-written and researched book author King tells a complex tale of deceit, horror and personal evil on a scale hard to imagine.

Recommended by:  Mike


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