Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

Brain on Fire by Susannah CahalanTitle:  Brain on Fire:  My Month of Madness

Author:  Susannah Cahalan

Call #:  616.8 CAH

Susannah is a young woman who has worked her way through the ranks at the New York Post.  She is fun-loving, smart and happy.  She starts experiencing symptoms – fatigue, numbness in her limbs – which her doctor attributes to mono.  Until the night that she experiences hallucinations and body convulsions.  She is admitted to the hospital and won’t come out for over a month.  The doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with her.  She is, at turns, delusional, catatonic, and violent.  Ultimately doctors discover that she has a virus that makes her body attack her brain.  It is now believed that this virus is the culprit of what people believe to be demonic possession.  Fascinating.

Recommended by:  Kathy


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