Favorites of 2012 – Connie

And now for Berwyn Library Readers’ Advisory staffer Connie’s favorite books read in 2012.

Dark Places by Gillian FlynnTitle:  Dark Places

Author:  Gillian Flynn

Call #:  FLY

Life changed completely on January 2, 1985 for seven-year-old Libby Day when her mother and two younger sisters were brutally murdered.  Running from the house out into the cold and snow to save herself she hears footsteps.  When they stop just short of reaching  her, someone says “stay there Libby you’ll be safe.”  Now 24 years later, her brother Ben serving a life sentence for the murders and her drunken shiftless father nowhere to be found, she finds herself alone and desperate for money.  Thinking she can sell her story of that horrible night, she instead finds herself running from a killer.  This mystery is well paced, intricately plotted but also slightly violent.

My Friend Dahmer by Derf BackderfTitle:  My Friend Dahmer

Author:  Derf Backderf


This graphic novel is a chilling personal memoir of the high school years with Jeffery Dahmer.  Author Derf Backderf once knew Dahmer as a lonely oddball, a shy strange nerd, but more of the school mascot than a friend.  These haunting accounts of Dahmer during the 1970’s in the suburbs of Ohio are a brief insight into a disturbed teenager trying to hold on to a small thread of sanity before becoming one of the most depraved serial killers ever known.

Beautiful Lies by Jessica WarmanTitle:  Beautiful Lies

Author:  Jessica Warman

Call #:  YA WARMAN

Alice and Rachel are eighteen-year-old identical twins, monochorionic twins, which is quite rare.  They are so identical that their family can’t tell them apart.  When Alice and Rachel swap identities for one night out with friends, Rachel suddenly disappears.  Alice begins the search for her sister; keeping up the pretense.  Alice feels that something is very wrong and begins to feel the physical pain and emotional distress of her twin.  Did someone kidnap Rachel thinking she was Alice or did Rachel simply run away?  This young adult psychological thriller is intriguing and a bit confusing at times but is well worth it.

Recommended by:  Connie

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