Favorites of 2012 – John

Over the last two weeks of the year we will be posting the Berwyn Library staffer’s favorite books read in 2012.  The books do not have to be published in 2012, we just read them in 2012.  Kicking us off – Readers’ Advisory staff member, John.

Song of Achilles by Madeline MillerTitle:  Song of Achilles

Author:  Madeline Miller

Call #: MILLER

This re-telling of The Iliad recounts not only the events of the Trojan War, but also the early life and training of Achilles.  Told in a modern language, novel, format, it retains the epic triumph of the original Homeric poem but is far easier for a modern reader to enjoy.  The classical Greek notion of heroism is rendered in a fashion that even fans of the ancient text will appreciate.

City of Women by David R. GillhamTitle:  City of Women

Author:  David R. Gillham

Call #:  GILLHAM

Berlin in 1943 has become a city of women with every available man being used as part of the massive evil war machine.  One of these women, Sigrid, is conflicted by her current circumstances in which she is a devoted soldier’s wife and her secret past in which she longs for her lost Jewish lover.  When the arrival of an SS officer complicates things further, she encounters a mysterious blind man – who may be able to see more than she thinks.  Wonderful symbolism!

Wolf Gift by Anne RiceTitle:  The Wolf Gift

Author:  Anne Rice

Call #:  RICE

A young journalist is sent to write a piece about a large beautiful, old house on a cliff which is facing an uncertain future.  He finds himself charmed by the graceful heiress Merchand Nideck.  Then a violent attack changes his life forever.  More than just a horror story, Anne Rice reinvents the werewolf legend to create a deep novel about personal transformation and reinvention.  This book is a pleasant surprise and entertaining to read.

Recommended by:  John


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