Favorites of 2012- Betty

Continuing with Berwyn Library staffer’s favorites books read in 2012 – here’s Betty!

Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert GoolrickTitle:  Heading Out to Wonderful

Author:  Robert Goolrick

Call #:  GOO

In 1948, Charlie Beale found the place and the woman of his dreams.  Brownsburg, Virginia was a sleepy little valley town with friendly people.  Sylvan Glass was enigmatic, beautiful and married to the wealthiest man in town.  Charlie was enthralled by both the town and the woman, a situation leading to great happiness and great sadness, as well.  The town is as much a character in this work as the people are.  Goolrick paints word pictures that light up in your mind.  A book that stays with you.

Beautiful Mystery by Louise PennyTitle:  The Beautiful Mystery

Author:  Louise Penny


Louise Penny once again slips us sweetly into murder, this time in a remote monastery famed for its beautiful Gregorian chant.  The choirmaster, the man responsible for the music, has been bludgeoned in a walled garden which is only accessible through the abbot’s cell.  It seems like an inside job, but which of the monks could do this – or was it one of the monks?  This book sheds some light on what usually is an impenetrable place, a monastery.  How do the monks spend their days, what draws them to a monastery in the first place, and why do they stay?  while Penny’s conclusions are rather fanciful, she does open a door that remains closed to most of us.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth WeinTitle:  Code Name Verity

Author:  Elizabeth Wein

Call #:  YA WEI

This is a quote from a Booklist review: “If you pick up this book, it will be some time before you put your dog-eared, tear-stained copy back down.”  When the story begins, Julia is a unnamed prisoner, formerly a wireless operator for the British, held captive in France by a seemingly sadistic Nazi interrogator.  She agrees to tell what she knows while strapped to a chair, recovering from the latest round of gestapo torture.  The Nazis want the codes that Julia memorized as a wireless operator before crash-landing in France, and she supplies them, but along the way also tells of her fierce friendship with Maddie, a British pilot whose quiet bravery was every bit as impressive as Julia’s brash fearlessness.  The book is carefully researched and historically accurate.  I learned more about British fighter planes than I ever thought I’d know.  Did you know that one of the British fighter planes was called a Puss Moth?  A great read!

Recommended by:  Betty

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