A Widow’s Story by Joyce Carol Oates

A Widow's Story by Joyce Carol OatesTitle:  A Widow’s Story

Author:  Joyce Carol Oates

Call #:  B OAT

Acclaimed writer Oates has written a touching and thoughtful book to the memory of her husband of 47 years Ray Smith who died in 2008 of an infection he received in the hospital while being treated for pneumonia.  With honesty and deep affection, Oates describes the personal devastation she endured with her husband’s passing and how since then she has lived what she calls her “posthumous life.”  Constant thoughts of suicide, fear of addiction to prescribed medications and regrets of things both done and not done while her husband was alive haunt her throughout the book.  Agonizing that perhaps she never really knew her husband well, she comes across an unfinished manuscript he had worked on for years and by reading it she discovers several factors in his young life that leads her to a better understanding of the man he became.

Recommended by:  Mike


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