Reading Jackie by William Kuhn

Reading Jackie by William KuhnTitle:  Reading Jackie

Author:  William Kuhn

Call #:  KUH

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis never wrote a memoir and chose to lead as private a life as possible despite the mythic proportions under which she was forced to live.  But after her marriages and the growth of her children, she carved out a life for herself that was singularly “Jackie.”  Turning to her love of books she became an editor at both Viking and Doubleday and for the last two decades of her life brought nearly 100 books into print; all of which reflected many facets of her personal tastes and passions.  Reading Jackie is probably the closest we will ever come to knowing the woman and not just the legend.

Recommended by:  Mike


2 responses to “Reading Jackie by William Kuhn

  1. Thanks for posting about my book. Very kind of you. Occasional updates on it are on my Facebook author’s page.!/WilliamKuhnAuthor

  2. Michael Da Pisa

    Dear Mr, Kuhn,
    I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my review of your book. I truly feel that you accomplished what most authors on Jacqueline Kennedy DON’T set out to do: you depicted her as a complete human being with dignity and grace and not as a tabloid cartoon character. I look forward to seeing wherever your next project leads you.

    Michael Da Pisa
    Berwyn(IL) Public Library

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