The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan

The Lemon Tree by Sandy TolanTitle: The Lemon Tree

Author: Sandy Tolan

Call #: 956.94 TOL

Bashir Khairi and his family were forced from their home in Palestine to make way for Jewish immigrants displaced after the Holocaust.  Years later Bashir returns to his former home and ends up forming a friendship with the young woman who lives there with her parents.  Though sometimes dense, at least if you are not a history buff, this book is a great  source of information because it is highly readable, not too long, and the personal stories give the conflict a face.

Recommended by: Kathy


3 responses to “The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan

  1. This is a wonderful book. It has stayed with me even though I read it over a year ago. What I like best is how it provides a dilemma without offering judgement or solution. I had to challenge myself to really look at this issue in a new way. Great suggestion Kathy.

  2. Does this book have bad language?

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