The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol by Dan BrownTitle: The Lost Symbol

Author: Dan Brown

Call #: BRO

Robert is contacted by the secretary of his close friend Peter Solomon to present a last minute lecture at the Capitol Building, but he discovers Peter has been kidnapped and the call was a ruse to get him to Washington to decipher symbols that lead to the Masonic Pyramid and the secret of the Ancient Mysteries. So begins his quest through D.C., fighting against time to save his friend and never knowing for sure who he can trust and what is really true. This thriller is a good addition to the Robert Langdon series with typical Dan Brown twists and fast-paced suspense.

Recommended by: Sharon

One response to “The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  1. I admit I enjoyed this book, especially since it’s based in D.C., but I’m getting a little tired of Dan Brown reusing the exact same formula for every book. It’s like he has one outline and just changes the details.

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