Bliss, Remembered by Frank Deford

Title: Bliss Remembered

Author: Frank Deford

Call #: DEF

Historian Frank Deford’s latest novel is the story of Olympic swimmer Sydney Stringfellow who attends the 1936 Berlin Olympics where she falls in love with a handsome young German man named Horst.   Not surprisingly, the two are separated by their politics and it seems that perhaps they just weren’t meant to be together.  When Sydney returns to the states, she marries Jimmy just before he is to be shipped out to WWII.  But then Horst shows up on Sydney’s doorstep!  A love story told by an historian may seem unlikely but Deford’s grasp of history (especially during such a tumultuous period) only enhances the story.  As Publishers Weekly wrote, Deford “has a superb sense of character and period, and readers will at once feel drawn into the turbulent times.”  Check out this interview with Deford from NPR.  It also includes an excerpt.

Recommended by: Critics

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