The Cold Kiss by John Rector

Cold Kiss by John RectorTitle: The Cold Kiss

Author: John Rector

Call #: REC

When the phrases “Dean Koontz fans will find much to like” and “straight out of Hitchcock” appear in a review for a debut novel due in July (technically this is not Rector’s first novel, he self-published his first book, The Grove, on Kindle) it is near impossible to ignore.

Sara and Nate feel their luck might be taking a turn when a stranger offers them $500 just to give him a lift to Omaha.  But a short way into their trip, they find their passenger has died and that he was carrying $2 million dollars on him.  Sara and Nate make the fateful decision to hide the body and take the money, which we all know leads to happily ever after.  Hah, of course things take a turn for the worst and ultimately lead to violence.   Time to get your suspense on people!

Check out this short article and interview with James Rector at  He also has a blog.

Recommended by: Critics


One response to “The Cold Kiss by John Rector

  1. Money is the root of all evil…

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