Traffyck by Michael Beres

Traffyck by Michael BeresTitle: Traffyck

Author: Michael Beres

Call #: BER

Mariya Nemeth, a former stripper in Kiev, starts her life over by returning to school and marrying a man who has also turned his life around. When he dies, however, Mariya discovers his secret involvement in the underground Russian sex trade and organized crime. She convinces a Private Investigator to investigate which leads to the return of Lazlo Horvath, the man who solved the Chernobyl Murders and then moved to Chicago. What results is a nightmarish exposure of prostitution, perversion, killing and crime that leaves the reader stunned. The highly probable plot and harsh realism make this story even more disturbing.

Recommended by: John


2 responses to “Traffyck by Michael Beres

  1. Thank you, John. I did a lot of research and it was disturbing how widespread human trafficking, in its various forms, has become.

  2. Thank you for a most well-written novel. The descriptions of Kiev and Chicago were particularly striking. Thanks again.

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