Tomato Rhapsody by Adam Schell

Tomato Rhapsody by Adam SchellTitle: Tomato Rhapsody

Author: Adam Schell

Call #: SCH

A delightful, bawdy, sensual Shakespearean-style comedy about forbidden fruit – the love between a Catholic girl who cultivates olives and a Jewish boy who grows tomatoes – and the tomatoes themselves, feared by many  to be the “love apples” that brought about the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Recommended by: Bobbie


2 responses to “Tomato Rhapsody by Adam Schell

  1. Best book I’ve read in ages! Utterly fresh and inspired.

  2. What a great Book! My book club and I just read this and the consensus was near-unanimous–staggeringly original, hilarious, poignant and a complete delight. Not to mention, I contacted the author through his website and he was kind enough to conference in with our group and do a Q & A. Much like his book, he was a charmer!

    My highest recommendation of the year.

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