London by Edward Rutherfurd

London by Edward RutherfurdTitle:  London

Author:  Edward Rutherfurd

Call #:  RUT

Great novel. Don’t be frightened by the size  of the book (829 pages).  It is a fascinating historical fiction novel exploring the beginnings of the city of London.  The continuity of the book is created by the six families who interact throughout the book and history.  The book begins in Roman times and concludes in the 20th century.  If you liked Pillars of the Earth or World without End by Ken Follett you will enjoy this novel.

Recommended by:  Borgia

Step on a Crack by James Patterson

Step on a Crack by James PattersonTitle:  Step on a Crack

Author:  James Patterson

Call #:  PAT

During the funeral of the former First Lady, a group of men dressed as monks take over St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan and carry out a mass kidnapping of those attending. Eventually all are released, except for a small group of wealthy celebrities. Detective Michael Bennett, who has ten adopted children and a wife who is dying of cancer, receives an emergency call to act as the negotiator for the release of the celebrity hostages. This page-turning thriller is the first in the Michael Bennett series.

Recommended by:  Sharon

Revamped by J.F. Lewis

Revamped by J.F. LewisTitle:  Revamped

Author:  J.F. Lewis

Call #:  LEW

Eric lost his strip club, his Mustang, and the love of his life Marilyn when he was left for dead.  With the help of his vampire friends, he is brought back to life and sets out to save Marilyn from Void City’s most powerful demons. But the task may be harder than he imagined when he is forced to delve into the shadowy realm of vampire high society to find out the truth and origin of his unnatural powers.

Recommended by:  John

The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise by Julia Stuart

Title:  The TThe Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise by Julia Stuartower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise

Author:  Julia Stuart

Call #:  STU

A sweet, odd story about a yeoman warder (Beefeater) and his wife who live in the Tower of London. The plot isn’t as important as the characters’ relationships; these are people who are not one dimensional. If you want a story that makes you smile at the same time it makes you feel sad, give this a try.

Recommended by:  Betty

Passage by Connie Willis

Passage by Connie WillisTitle:  Passage

Author:  Connie Willis

Call #:  SF WIL

Psychologist Joanna Lander invents a pill which will recreate Near Death Experiences. When Joanna tests the pills herself she keeps ending up on the Titanic. Evil Mr. Mandrake is also studying NDEs but is publishing false reports on his own fabricated experiments. Joanna is in a race to make sense of her findings and keep Mandrake from ruining her research.

Recommended by:  Becky

My Thoughts Be Bloody by Nora Titone

My Thoughts Be Bloody by Nora TitoneTitle:  My Thoughts Be Bloody:  The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy

Author:  Nora Titone

Call #:  973.7092 TIT

Despite the huge number of books about the Lincoln assassination and all its major players, Nora Titone has written an original and lesser known story about this historical event. Focusing primarily on the life of John Wilkes and the Booth family prior to the assassination, the author provides many essential insights into the character of John Wilkes, the strained relationship he had with his family, especially his father, legendary actor Junius Brutus Booth and his brother the equally talented Edwin Booth. Living up to his father’s name and realizing he was a much lesser actor than his brother, John Wilkes harbored a jealousy and hatred for them that combined with an ever increasing sympathy and support for the Southern cause (both father and brother supported the North), that the reader will see came together in a twisted way that legitimized, in John Wilkes’ mind, not only why he had to kill Lincoln but where.

Recommended by:  Mike

Our Lady of the Lost and Found by Diane Schoemperlen

Our Lady of the Lost and Found by Diane SchoemperlenTitle:  Our Lady of the Lost and Found

Author:  Diane Schoemperlen

Call #:  SCH

A woman in a blue trench coat and Nike’s suddenly appears in the narrator’s living room and asks if she can stay for a week – later revealing herself as Mary, the  Mother of Jesus.

Recommended by:  Bobbie